T.P., 2018, Audie Murray (Métis), Toilet paper and seed beads, 4" x 5" x 5", $9,000

Original size is 1500 × 1372 pixels

“T.P. is a response to the idea of artwork, specifically beadwork, needing to be archival. Beaded
toilet paper challenges the archival need by working with a material that is purposely engineered
to be degradable and discarded.

You cannot force something to live longer than it wants.

Much of our Indigenous beadwork from the past lives in museums and not within their
communities. Collected works are seen as objects of aesthetics and fascination over that of use.
There is tireless efforts from curators keep these century old works from falling apart. Therefore,
this idea of the archive is intrinsically linked to Indigenous cultures.

The beaded artworks in museums have not been bought by the institution in order to support
community, nor have they been gifted by the artist to be displayed. Who can guarantee the
future value of beadwork is unknown, both culturally and in monetary worth. As times shift and
cultures grow so does material. Does the toilet paper diminish the laborious beadwork, or does
the act of stitching add significance to this object?” – Audie Murray