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Artist Beau Dick has just completed the largest Tsonoqua of his career. Affectionately referred to by Beau’s crew as ‘Big Buela’, this stunning work measures over five feet tall and 4 feet wide. Tsonoqua, the Wild Woman of the Woods, is a famous Kwakwaka’wakw spirit being known to lure children using her signature call, “Huu huu huu.” She is a hairy, black-bodied, bearded monster with incredible physical strength and magical powers. She is associated with wealth and treasure, and will endow select clever individuals with great wealth if they are able to outsmart her. Tsonoqua is identified by her round eyes, which often appear drowsy; large head; open mouth; large red lips; and thick, dark hair. The eyes on this mask are special for two reasons. First, they feature eyelashes made out of carefully placed black feathers, something Beau has never done before. Second, in addition to being adorned with eyelashes uncommon to the Tsonoqua, the eyes articulate, opening and closing with the pull of a string behind the mask. These characteristics provide an eerie, life-like quality to this already vivid work.