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Carlos Colín

Photograph pigment on cotton paper

47″ x 31 1/2″ ed/3


La Sublevación de la Máscara. El Motín Iconoclasta (The uprising of the mask. The iconoclastic riot) – This series of photographs responds to the resistance of the people in Latin America to maintain and preserve social traditions, local cultures, and, at the same time, the uprisings to sustain Latin American cultures and keep Indigenous Latin American roots alive. Political, cultural, and religious oppression of Indigenous cultures across Latin America generates alienation, isolation, and deterritorialization in the structure of societies and their local heritage and lands. These photographs recover the meaning to fight for local heritage, the possibilities to expand local cultural diversities, and to perpetuate social developments in Latin American. The uprising of the mask represents Latin American cultural insurrection. The iconoclastic riot symbolizes the struggle of society and the effort to forge new Latin American perspectives from the inside out. These perspectives aspire to reclaim identity, individuality, and independence in culture, politics, and arts throughout Latin America. Additional Credits & Special Thanks: Photographs – Sarah Shamash; Photographic touch up – Salvador Colín; Special Thanks – Dana Claxton