Carollyne Yardley

Carollyne Yardley is an interdisciplinary artist and designer, whose practice is driven by research into the changing relationships between humans and non-humans in urban environments, and imagining possible futures through hybrid-human development.

Yardley’s body of work translates the visual, sonic, gestural, and social data she’s collected by observing urban animals, into a dialogue between species. The objective of her work is not concerned with assimilation of animals as humans, but with a levelling of hierarchy between species.

Carollyne Yardley has garnered all levels of press in Canada, featured in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, CTV News, CBC Radio, online weblogs, and the covers of several books and magazines. She was also successful in maintaining her registered trademark Carollyne® after being subjected to an expungement proceeding by a large U.S. toy manufacturer.