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Couzyn van Heuvelen (Inuk)

Baleen, fish hook, thread, brass

6″ x 1.25″ x 48″ (15 x 3


This lure resembles a commonly used spoon lure. I began by generating a 3D scan of a store bought lure. I then used computer software to take the mesh that was created in this process and convert it into a vector image, which was then exported to a laser cutter. I used the laser cutter to then cut out the profile, and etch the image of the scanned information onto a piece of polished baleen. Baleen is a hair-like fibrous material that can be polished to resemble a black plastic, and has many uses among Inuit. It is part of a baleen whale, where it acts as a filter as the whale takes water and food into its mouth, then catches the food in its mouth while filtering out the water. In this work, that material is manipulated through digital processes. The image etched into the surface resembles scrimshaw techniques, as well as ancient examples of Inuit carvings that featured repeating geometric patterns.