Quake, 2013, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Silk Screen Print ed/3, 33" x 40", $2,600, unframed

Original size is 449 × 636 pixels

This work, an edition of 3, is part of a series that Frei Njootli has been working on since 2011 which takes on the form of print, photography, contemporary spirit regalia, performance, video and installation. Quake shows a figure, which appears to hover in space, with a halo of ric rac, engulfing the central image. It reads as a halo of confusion. The wood grain on her clothing calls to mind thoughts of home, especially home-scapes in northern communities, clad in wood wall paneling. Resilience, tradition and vulnerability are represented by the broken hand holding onto a muskrat trap form. “Ratting” has and continues to be a strong part of Vuntut Gwitchin culture. The figure in this image appeared as a silk-screen print onto chipboard as a component of Thunderstruck: my first solo exhibition at Toronto’s Whippersnapper Gallery. The exhibition was co-presented by the Decolonial Aesthetics of the Americas Symposium. This artwork is also in the Yukon Permanent Art Collection.