Running into the Unknown, Joyce Ozier, Acrylic & oil pastel on canvas, 72" x 18" x 1 1/2" (X4), $5,000

Original size is 667 × 622 pixels

We’re on the run now. We’ve left everything behind except for some gold coins that we’ve sewn into our clothes, and a bit of food for the trip. Our homes were left intact with everything as usual, so that everything would look normal and no one will come looking for us. It is almost impossible to find shelter. It is rare to find people that will let us hide in their sheds or stables because they are afraid of being reported to the authorities for helping Jews escape. Finding a place to sleep is a problem. — We must hide during the day and move at night. There are many dangers in the forests, and we are not entirely sure of our directions. We must be guided by the stars and the moon.— We have run out of food but are able to find an occasional farm to steal eggs from and devour them raw. Sometimes, if we are lucky, we are able to steal vegetables, but often farmers have dangerous dogs protecting their crops, and we must always be alert. We are usually able to forage for berries in the forest.— We are getting very tired and very dirty from being on the run in all kinds of weather.