Marcel Russ (Haida)

Marcel Russ is an artist currently based in Vancouver, BC. Born in 1973 in Queen Charlotte City on Haida Gwaii, Marcel is from the Raven Clan from Masset and his chief is Ilts’uwoos of the Raven Clan. His work is strongly influenced by his father, noted argillite carver, Ron Russ, as well as his uncle, Chris Russ. Russes are well-known argillite carvers of the Haida Nation, and Marcel’s ancestors on his grandmother’s side were also renowned carvers.

Marcel started carving argillite at eight years old, and began carving wood when he was twelve. Twenty years later, he has widened his materials in practice with precious metals, ivory, and jade. Along with his carving, Marcel makes original paintings using acrylic.

His argillite and wood carvings have been collected internationally. In the spring of 1999 he exhibited with his father at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He has carved a 22 foot pole for the Museum of Northern BC, Prince Rupert and assisted Jim Hart with the carving of 40 foot pole for the village of Tanu.