Ink Ritual In The Spell, Olliemoonsta, Acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16", SOLD

Original size is 667 × 821 pixels

“From the beginning of time, human beings have felt the need to organize in order to survive and evolve, creating a series of rituals and routines that over the years have been changing from one culture to another. Folklore, mysticism and spirituality are constantly mixed in our work with different concepts taken from urban tribes such as graffiti and skateboarding putting a special emphasis on typography. Graffiti appeared in the US in the late 60s as a form of individual expression in ghettos and youth. Gradually, it spread through different cities of the world until today where it is difficult to find a city without messages on their walls. Across cultures, we paint our faces, dress up, decorate our skin and celebrate rituals. This is our way to create our personality and social identity. Rituals in traditional cultures are different from the urban ones, but with quite a few things in common. The aim of our work is to create a cross breeding and search for similarities between urban and traditional tribes that initially have little to do.”