Extinct Bird - Target Series #12, Rosa Quintana Lillo, Mixed media and acrylics on canvas, 36" x 60", $2,800

Original size is 461 × 768 pixels

These paintings are part of a large series which deals with extinct birds and the cause of their extinctions. There are countless reasons for bird and animal extinctions, the introduction of invasive species, the destruction of habitat, hunting, capture and trade. I decided to study and research the history of bird extinctions and the causes of the extinctions when hearing of the loss of hundreds of migrating birds in open tar sands tailings ponds in Alberta and when hearing of the absence of all birds on Guam Island due to the introduction of snakes since the 1960’s. Explorers, merchants, travellers and the colonizers of countless lands have taken with them their cats, monkeys, pigs, rats, their hunger and their guns. And all of this history gives birth to a rich visual imagery that has led me to paint this work.