Island Graffiti #2, Rosa Quintana Lillo, Acrylics and metal leaf on canvas chine-collé on board, 24” x 33” x 1 ½”, $900

Original size is 667 × 496 pixels

The red marks are a reference to various perceptual constructs. They link calligraphy to the free flow of graffiti that tag and claim the land. Barnett Newman’s work is of most importance to me, hence the colour play and colour discord. It is not an attempt, on my part, to distance the viewer from the landscape, but I think it can do both things, distance the viewer or make the viewer intimate with a place to belong to. Chine-colle is a printmaking term Chine-collé is a technique in printmaking or Chinese scroll painting. It is a way of mounting a painting to a heavier support. I have used the same method to mount my canvass on to a board – Rosa Quintana