White Raven, Trace Yeomans (Haida), Oil paint and sand on wood, 48" x 39", SOLD

Original size is 667 × 551 pixels

“White Raven..a photo sent to me from my sister Cindy. I’ve always Identified with this white raven…being between worlds of White and Native…sense of not belonging in either and looking more white than Native. My sister once told me a the story of how this Raven was picked on by the black Ravens until eventually it died.Being bullied as kid for not looking like the rest of the natives while growing up on Haida Gwaii made me feel a sense of sadness for the White Raven, like I understood how it felt. This was an attempt to paint myself..me being the White Raven and the Raven on the bottom being my Haida heritage with my Raven crest (carved by Don Yeomans) the red slashes of blood in the background give the idea that all blood is the same colour even if we are not.”