Altered States, 2017, Yvonne Muinde, Oil on canvas, 30″ x 24″, $4,900

Original size is 1578 × 2000 pixels

“How far will you go to fit in? What ‘alterations’ would you make to be accepted by the empowered and in-power majority? Some protest and fight, hoping to achieve the moment where those who see themselves as supreme are shaken and forced to see us all as equals. They wear the skin that is the most paraded throughout social media, movies, and entertainment, padded with a privilege that others are not privy to possessing because their skin colour does not allow for such a luxury. The young lady in the mirror is at a crossroads. Look at the painting. What do you see? What do you think she sees? Now ask yourself: if that were you in the mirror faced with the same dilemma with the script flipped against you, how far would you go to fit in?” — Yvonne Muinde