If Only We Were Bulletproof, 2017, Yvonne Muinde, Oil on canvas, 36" x 24", $6,800

Original size is 1170 × 1500 pixels

“I could start this by inserting any number of the people of colour (men, women, and children) who have been gunned down, but instead I want to keep this short and ask one simple question. When I use the phrase ‘people of colour,’ do you shut down, get riled up, feel angry or sad, or do you forget that white is a colour, too? Granted the target seems to have a preference for black and brown bodies, but when was the last time someone who is not black was gunned down while in handcuffs, perceived as a threat when walking away, and shot repeatedly until 16 rounds found their way into another black body? I wish the title of this painting could become our reality because if we were bulletproof, perhaps those with the power and the guns would stop shooting and start talking, really talking, instead.” — Yvonne Muinde