In the Middle, 2009, Yvonne Muinde, Oil on canvas, 30" x 40", $7,400

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“In late 2009 I listened to a radio conversation that, for me, was difficult to sit through, yet painfully eye opening. The topic: “Rape and Brutality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” As I listened, the point that kept standing out the most was that without addressing what happens to the children of the violent actions perpetrated upon women in the Congo, it is often these children born of brutality who eventually become the soldiers that created the conditions that continue the circle of violence that brought about their existence in the first place. In the middle of this painting you may see simply a small newborn drapped in a flag, or you may realize that, as uncomfortable as it is to accept, you could be viewing the never ending circle of violence.” – Yvonne Muinde