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Audie Murray (Métis)

Wool, burlap, latex, time

30.5″ x 30.5″ x 2″


”Life doesn’t last, art doesn’t last, it doesn’t matter” is a quote by artist Eva Hesse who created many artworks using impermanent materials. Drawn to this quote because of similar studio methodologies, I created a work that mirrored the sentiment of ephemerality. Inspired by Hesse and the use of time as a slow moving material, Life doesn’t last, art doesn’t last, it doesn’t matter takes form as a stretched hand made rug hooking depicting Hesse’s words covered in a layer of latex. The use of latex acts as a marker of time and as a camouflage between viewer and artist as the material will continue to discolour and render the text increasingly more difficult to read.
The use of unstable materials and objects in my practice is an act of resistance against capitalistic narratives of permanence, individualism and ownership while also expressing agency and control over what is accessible to the public within my practice.