Canadian Native Flag designed by Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson
Canadian Native Flag designed by Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson

When The Flag Shop owner Susan Braverman called Fazakas Gallery’s Director,LaTiesha Fazakas, about a new flag launch, LaTiesha was excited to assist. Braverman introduced her to artist Mulidzas – Curtis Wilson, the flag creator, and asked her to help him convey his intentions behind the flag’s creation.

LaTiesha’s thoughts . . .

“A big part of my job is to communicate the intention, historical context and iconography in works of art to viewers. I also have over a decade in Northwest Coast Art dealing, so I guess that’s why I was asked to help out.

I’ve known Susan Braverman for many years.  Her enthusiasm and passion for this project were pretty compelling so I was happy to do what I could. Besides, her company did a brilliant job on our gallery banners!

Curtis and I began emailing back and forth so I could get a sense of all the emotional and factual influences that compelled him to create his work. I asked a lot of questions. I then sent him back my thoughts and we just kind of fleshed it out together. In the end we were all really happy that we could convey the sincerity of Curtis’s intentions.”


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