Original size is 900 × 1200 pixels

Corey Bulpitt (Haida)

Acrylic on New York Subway map (original)

32.5″ x 23″


Land Back Series:

Graffiti writers have a long history of drawing and painting graffiti on maps, spray can labels etc using letters and iconic characters. This series uses maps to bring discussion of who the original occupants of the land are, the hereditary chief systems and the need for the choices which happen in this land to go back to the original occupants of this land who know it and protect it greater than any other through thousands of years of maintaining a peaceful relationship with the environment around us and to always think hundreds to thousands of years ahead.

In Haida Mythos raven is often the hero or subsequently more of an antihero. Through his exploits he takes the sun from a box and uses a few deceptions to acquire it from the box owned by a man who thinks he is the ravens (in child form) grandfather, where he fumbles his new possession while being chased and it becomes what we know as the light, the sun, moon and stars as it shatters, this relating to the start of human consciousness. There are many other exploits with the raven where things are made to be the way they are now.
The Raven rattle is an important ceremonial chiefs rattle and the painting of the raven head is based on these iconic rattles used during peace dances where all the guests at the great potlatch were scattered with eagle or swans down which wafted off the crown of the dancer as he shook his rattle and danced to drummers and singers of songs specific to each group but used in a unified peaceful purpose. These dances,songs and stories are hundreds of years older than the idea of America.