Stuart Moment I am canvas Graphite, wax on canvas by Laurie Steen, Devon, England 5' x 5' $8,000.

Original size is 553 × 562 pixels

“For me, there is forever the need for an image to be fleeting… caught between the present and the blurred. These moments occur mid speech, mid breath, – a gesture that needs to be isolated. I am interested in articulation these “in between moments’ that allow s to look at one another and to look at ourselves. When one gesture could be the telling of any person, and memory recalls the essences of simply being human.” This 5’ x 5’ Rembrandt-esque sketch on waxed canvas is an excellent example of Laurie’s work. After studying fine arts at the University of Calgary, Laurie graduated with an honors BID and thesis prize from the University of Manitoba in 1993, where she also taught sketch camps and drawing classes. Laurie has been a part of many solo and group exhibitions in Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom Laurie has her work in numerous private and corporate collections including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.