Fazakas Gallery was mentioned in this great article on Marina Roy’s solo exhibition “Dirty Clouds” by Canadian Art! Roy’s exhibition opened for the month of November at Wil Aballe Art Projects – WAAP.

“In order to access the exhibition at Wil Aballe’s art space, one had to pass through Fazakas Gallery, where an impressive display of carving works by Beau Dick and Cole Speck, among others, was on view during the run of Roy’s show. In these carvings, the concept of time exists in tandem with the divine and supernatural. They prove that the traditional can also be exceedingly contemporary, and, when considered alongside “Dirty Clouds,” offered a reminder that an accelerated view toward the future often limits us to a uni-directional framework.”

Check out the full article here!

Photo: Woojae Kim. Courtesy Wil Aballe Art Projects.