Universe Points Purple Yellow, 2016, Charlene Vickers (Anishnabe), Watercolour on paper, 21" x 14", $1,000 unframed
Image: detail of Charlene Vickers’ Rainforest Ale Made in Vancouver Moccasin (2001)

Fazakas Gallery would like to wish
you all a wonderful holiday season
and a happy new year!

2018 has been an incredible year so far, and next year promises to be just as exciting! During the gift-giving season, what could be more unique and rewarding than to share the gift of art?



CHARLENE VICKERS, Ovoid Trace, Felt, cotton, embroidery thread, watercolour, paper, shell buttons, glass beads, $500
CHARLENE VICKERS, Ovoid Trace, Felt, cotton, embroidery thread, watercolour, paper, shell buttons, glass beads, $500
BEN DAVIDSON, Great Echo, Serigraph ed/21, $475
BEN DAVIDSON, Greatest Echo, Serigraph ed/21, $475
BEN DAVIDSON, Supreme Echo, Serigraph ed/21, $475
BEN DAVIDSON, Echo, Serigraph ed/21, $475
COUZYN VAN HEUVELEN, Avataq, Screen printed mylar, aluminum, ribbon, $500
Image: Avataq installation view
lessLIE, Protecting Posterity, Serigraph AP 2/15, $125

lessLIE, Salmon Vision, Serigraph ed/150, $120

$1,500 AND UNDER

CHARLENE VICKERS, I am Canadian Moccasin, Beer box paper, synthetic lacing, fabric, letter beads, $1,200
CHARLENE VICKERS, The Customer is Always Right Moccasin, Beer box paper, synthetic lacing, fabric, letter beads, $1,200
CHARLENE VICKERS, Survival Moccasin, Beer box paper, synthetic lacing, fabric, letter beads, $1,200
CHARLENE VICKERS, Purple and Green Quills, Watercolour on paper, $1,000
CHARLENE VICKERS, Universe Points, Watercolour on paper, $1,000
CHARLENE VICKERS, Universe Points Purple Yellow, Watercolour on paper, $1,000
CHARLENE VICKERS, Golden and Blue Quills, Watercolour on paper, $1,000
CAROLLYNE YARDLEY, mtSQRL Blue, Oil on panel, $1,200
CAROLLYNE YARDLEY, mtSQRL Yellow, Oil on panel, $1,200
MARK PRESTON, Untitled (Mask 5), Yellow cedar, acrylic, twine, tacks, $1,500
MARK PRESTON, Abstract Ovoid Shadow Box 6, Cedar, rag bond paper, $1,050
MARK PRESTON, Abstract Ovoid Shadow Box 7, Cedar, rag bond paper, $1,050

$5,000 AND UNDER

COLE SPECK, Bookwus Ghost, Red cedar, acrylic, graphite, cedar bark, SOLD
ALAN HUNT, Arctic Fox, Red alder, acrylic, $4,000
ALAN HUNT, Urchin, Red cedar, acrylic, $3,000
TRACE YEOMANS, Chilkat Eagle, Ultra suede appliqué, cashmere wool, $1,750
TRACE YEOMANS, Chilkat Raven, Ultra suede appliqué, cashmere wool, $1,750
TRACE YEOMANS, Butterfly, Ultra suede appliqué, ultra suede, $4,500


AUDIE MURRAY, T.P., 2018, Toilet paper and seed beads
Audie Murray is a multi-disciplinary Métis artist from Saskatchewan currently based in Vancouver. Working with themes of contemporary Indigenous culture, and ideas of duality and connectivity, Murray draws on time honoured techniques and contemporary concepts to inform her material choices. She often uses found objects from daily life in her work. She then modifies them with special materials and techniques as a way to reclaim or work through the cultural content of the object. “I view the beads as having their own energy and personality and intervening on the object” she states. For Murray, stitching porcupine quills and glass beads over surfaces is a way of understanding the land and her surroundings. Her work addresses challenging problems such as cultural appropriation and substance abuse but does so through a practice of care and patience.

Murray completed a Diploma in Visual Arts at Camosun College in 2016, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Regina in 2017. In 2018 she attended the Plug In ICA: Bush Gallery Summer Institute in Winnipeg. In the summer of2017 she studied traditional tattoo practices with the Earth Line Tattoo Collective and continues to work with hand poke and skin stitching methods. Her BFA graduating work, k Pair of Socks was selected as the Saskatchewan winner of the 2017 BMO 1st Art! Prize, and in 2018 she was the recipient of the William and Meredith Saunderson Prize through the Hnatyshyn Foundation.

Murray’s work was featured in Li Salay, a major survey of Métis art at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton (2018) curated by Amy Malbeuf and Jessie Ray Short. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Open Space and thefifty fifty arts collective, Victoria; Gam Gallery, Vancouver; the Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina; the Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo; Hamilton Artist Inc; and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto.

JASON BAERG, Wâsakâm ᐋᐧᓴᑳᒼ Along the Shore, 2016, Tempera and oil on canvas
Jason Baerg is a Cree Métis curator, educator, and visual artist. Recent curatorial projects include exhibitions with Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and the University of Toronto. Baerg graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts from Rutgers University. He currently is teaching as the Assistant Professor in Indigenous Practices in Contemporary Painting and Media Art at OCAD University. Dedicated to community development, he founded and incorporated the Metis Artist Collective and has served as volunteer Chair for such organizations as the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and the National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition. Creatively, as a visual artist, he pushes new boundaries in digital interventions in drawing, painting and new media installation. Recent international solo exhibitions include the Illuminato Festival in Toronto, Canada, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and the Digital Dome at the Institute of the American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jason Baerg has adjudicated numerous art juries and won awards through such facilitators as the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and The Toronto Arts Council.
Image: Carlos Colín, Spears 5 (detail), 2018, Pool cues, feathers, wood

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