Carlos Colín: La Casa De Las Máscaras – House of Masks 

Fazakas Gallery, 688 E Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
July 5 – July 26, 2014



The work for this show is informed by Colín’s Latin roots and his experience living in British Columbia where he became fascinated by the mutual mask making culture. The Fazakas Gallery’s collection of Northwest Coast masks makes it a fitting venue for La Casa de Las Máscaras (House of Masks).  Colín sees the House of Masks as a place where we share ideas and visions that intertwine realities and legends in a sacred space. The House of Masks presents two projects that illustrate the fight of Latin American people, their history and traditions through the mask.

La Sublevación de la Máscara – El Motín Iconoclasta
The Uprising of the Mask – The Iconoclastic Riots Photograph Series

Kwakwaka’wakw people are known for their ironic sense of humour and artists Beau Dick, Rande Cook, and Cole Speck are no exception.  Being able to laugh at the world around you, as well as not taking yourself too seriously, is a cultural standard in Kwakwaka’wakw society.  ‘Inappropriate’ is an exhibition in which these three artists will explore the irony and humour of their artistic practices.

These artists take up the camera’s lens and other mediums to document and express history, culture, and contemporary existence, reasserting the liveliness of their survival in the modern world.

This series of photographs responds to the resistance of the people in Latin America to maintain and preserve social traditions, local cultures, and, at the same time, the uprisings to sustain Latin American cultures and Indigenous Latin American roots alive.

Political, cultural, and religious oppression over Indigenous cultures across Latin America generates alienation, isolation, and deterritorialization in the structure of societies and their local heritage and lands.

These photographs recover the meaning to fight for local heritage, the possibilities to expand local cultural diversities, and to perpetuate social developments in Latin American. The uprising of the mask represents Latin American cultural insurrection. The iconoclastic riot symbolizes the struggle of society and the effort to forge new Latin American perspectives from the inside out.

Avenida Nacional – National Avenue Series of Drawings

Avenida Nacional is a series of drawings based on the readings, properties, and meanings of the Mexica Mexican codex and contemporary Mexico.

The drawings connect the iconography of our national civilizations with modernity that is becoming more confused in Mexico. This series of drawings shows the continuity of our indigenous heritage in our modern, demagogic, and hybrid society. Rather than building a bridge between past and present, pre-Hispanic, colonial, and post-colonial, Avenida Nacional aims to show the transcendence of cultural heritage that one day will freely cross our national avenues.

The House of Masks By Carlos Colín

La Casa de las Máscaras.

Palace of voices,

Echoes of mitigated present.

This is not a house of gold or silver;

This is a house of the sun and the moon.

Kali (house) full of Ixayakamej (masks),

The myth never exists in the house of masks,

The house of masks is a place made by realities,

It is the house of kuauxayak (wooden mask).

House destroyed by the hand, the mind, and the machine,

House rebuilt by the hand, the mind, and nature.

The mirrors were stripped from the house of the moon,

It is time to take them back.

The mask hides nothing,

It reveals existences,

The mask is visionary of worlds and iconoclast resistances.