Dinner at Catalano E, 2017, The Supper Club (Rande Cook, Carollyne Yardley and Noah Becker), 30" x 22"

Papier 2018
April 19 – 22
Booth: TBD

Arsenal Contemporary Art
2020 William Street
Montreal, QC H3J 1R8

The Supper Club 
(Rande Cook, Carollyne Yardley & Noah Becker)
Mark Preston
Charlene Vickers

The Supper Club — Artist Statement

These collaborative works on paper are by three Canadian artists Rande Cook, Carollyne Yardley and Noah Becker. This threesome began collaborating during an evening out at a restaurant on the west coast of Canada.

Cook, Yardley, and Becker continue with their own art practices, but united for what they call “The Supper Club.” This social gathering was an effortless way to meet in the evening after working at separate studios. The drawings began in the midst of a bustling and dimly lit Spanish-themed restaurant, with paper laid out on the table and drawing tools arranged alongside wine glasses and utensils.

This convergence was repeated twice more; at a different restaurant and at one of the artists’ home. Each assembly of The Supper Club featured the sharing of a meal between friends.

The results are spontaneous and explode with a playful and friendly exchange of teasing marks and remarks. Each artist took a pen in hand, allowing the interaction on paper to become the conversation. The artists’ unique wit and personality animated through the touch of pen, and collectively the lines materialized and cavorted between the interchange of loops, dashes, ravens, squirrels, human faces, clouds, and formline.

These works on paper have separated themselves by tone and energy unique to each evening – a collection of four drawings per night. A warm summer night elicited colour, clouds, playfulness, pop culture motifs, hallucinations, escape, and dreams – all intermingling like thought bubbles. In contrast, a fall evening generated vertical renderings featuring nature, trees, skulls, growth and earthly elements.

The Supper Club is not only a record of these three artists’ friendship, but is also collective diary of the thoughts, feelings and emotions at work on their subconscious minds during collaboration. What’s most interesting, however, is the serendipity experienced gazing at this trinity of unstructured, unfettered, yet graceful pen to paper dance steps.

More details and images coming soon!