Whiskey Boots, 2016 - 2018, Charlene Vickers (Anishnabe), Whiskey box paper, beer box paper, felt, glass beads, thread, copper acrylic paint, 13" x 9" x 11", $2,400

Original size is 2100 × 1664 pixels

Whiskey Boots (2016 – 2018) are an activated performance item of urban regalia worn by Charlene Vickers and Mara Hupfield for the their work at the Cutting Copper: Indigenous Resurgent Practice conference in March 2016 at the Helen and Morris Belkin Art Gallery.

Movements and motions in the boots during the performance were:

Each of the artists wore one of the boots. They limped in them and dragged their foot behind them outside of the gallery space. They walked with care and took off the boots before entering the exhibition/ceremonial space of the gallery, after observing the placard at the entrance of the gallery that stated it contained items of spiritually alive entities. With respect, both artists took the boots off, which represent drinking and alcohol.