Beau Dick at Potlatch

It is with truly heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our dear friend and gifted artist, Beau Dick. Beau’s art has a profound effect on all who are privileged enough to experience it firsthand. His spirit continues to live on through his powerful work and for that we are eternally grateful.

Beau was a pioneer, a rebel, an incredible storyteller, a chief, a father, a mentor, and an activist who openly shared his loving and contagious energy with everyone who encountered him. The impact and influences he had on his community and on the art world at large will be felt for many years to come.

Read Canadian Art Magazine’s remembrance for a collection of stories and personal memories of Beau, written by those who knew him.

Young Beau Dick

A poem for Beau Dick by Dana Claxton

Beautiful Beautiful Beau

March 28th 2017 in the mountains in the rain in the cedar forest.

Who dat
Who dun dat
Dat is by beautiful beautiful Beau
Maker of monsters
Man of many hearts
Beautiful beautiful Beau
Gentle gentle as you flow
to where the ancestors roll
the smell of cedar in the air
Floating high, above us all
Lovely brown eyes
and such hands
Those hands those hand!!
carved thousands of chips
as the adze swang
thru air
thru space
as it hit
the wood
and you pulled
the sound the sound
that only cedar knows
When being pulled
and there go the flakes, the chips, the dust too
And looks whats left
Inside of you
the viewer who gets to see
What you have made beautiful beautiful Beau
for all to see
but oh! lets not just look
Who wants to feel deep inside
feel the form, and cedar and such
you shared so generously with us
and everywhere else
you gave to us
all you could
your singing and rattle
and prayer songs too
will forever be inside of me
Your smile and eyes
and OH those shoes!
But the hats, the hats
That you wore
sporting them like ancestors before
and to witness you dance
and glide the floor
as your hand shook
I was floored
that delicate movement
to summon’s all
you dance and dance
and now above all
And your voice your voice
stays with me
Forever and ever
you will see
I want to sing for you now
Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Beauuuuuuuuuuuuu, Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
And all that you gave
for ever and more
the big masks, the big masks
Speak to all
From you the great Beau – the generous one – the kind one – the beautiful one
My heart cant be broken, cuz youz so wize
and although it is
I will trizes
to be clear like you
and see through your eyes
as you walked and walked
Broke the copper
so they will know
no more harm should be done to us
cuz it has been for far to long
And there you are now in that place, in that space
with everyone you love
and as your loved ones stay in this place
Plz know how much you are adored
the kindest, love filled, man I know
Beautiful beautiful Beau
if we can walk like
you showed the way
if we can walk like you
will they be swayed
big old brick house
you went right to their front door
and laid down your law
the copper soared
the truth and knowledge such
Yes, they did saw
and what they saw
I only know
Was beautiful beautiful Beau

A man who was there for his people you know

So now we know what you have done
How to we continue without you and not be undone
I look to sky and for the teachings
And as I reach
I find, a world without you
And as I reach
I find a world with you
You created such a mass
Your legacy will live forever more
I say wopila beautiful, beautiful Beau
and give thanks for you in this world
which now has shifted cuz what you gave
All I can do is praise
your wonderful life and generosity too
gosh, what man you really are
And now from afar
We reach to you
And as the cedar tree continues to grow
Those you taught will carry your glow