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Maureen Gruben (Inuvialuk)

Bubble wrap, reflective tape, Velcro, zip ties, moose hide

19″ x 21 3/4′


“Untitled (Delta Trim)(2018), employs a moose hide and bright orange safety reflector bands, all discovered unexpectedly in a thrift store. The essentially found materials have been painstakingly sewn into a largescale version of her mother’s delta trim pattern and fixed onto aqua-green bubble wrap. Each Inuvialuit seamstress develops her own personal delta trim pattern, generally only about half an inch high, that’s used to adorn parkas for both ceremonial and everyday use. The scale and vibrancy of this reiteration is a striking assertion of the beauty, intricacy, and flexibility of these cultural forms, and of the importance of their role in complex and intimate social relationships.”
– Kyra Kordoski