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Corey Bulpitt (Haida)

Red cedar, paint, chord, glass trade beads, plastic, steel

19.5″ x 22″ (49.53 x 55.88 cm)


Canuck the Crow has become somewhat of a local Vancouver legend – he has his own Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts where he has over 100,000 followers. He’s been the focus of multiple media headlines, and was even the feature star in a short documentary. Although Canuck has sadly been missing since last year, he was nevertheless officially named a federally protected bird.

Referenced in Corey’s Hometown Hero, Canuck can be seen perched comfortably on a metal trash bin as a carved, cedar knife rests in his beak. To those unfamiliar with the legend of Canuck, his claim to fame occurred in 2017 when he famously stole a knife from a crime scene in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The humorous instance captured the hearts and minds of Vancouverites, and the mischievous crow became an icon from then on. He was even seen riding the skytrain, frequenting the PNE, and helping himself to people’s meals at McDonalds. Although brimming with humour, Corey’s tongue-in-cheek element comes in the form of the “Welcome to East Van” sticker pasted onto the side of the bin; a clear reminder that despite some of the neighbourhoods afflictions, it remains one of the city’s most interesting cultural hubs made up of vibrant street art, eclectic small businesses, and has a strong sense of community amongst residents. Canuck therefore remains the unsung hero and mascot of one of Vancouver’s oldest and most historic areas.