Ulala Dance Puppet/Marionette, 2019

Original size is 1115 × 2000 pixels

Corey Bulpitt (Haida)

Red cedar, acrylic, string, cedar bark

Puppet: 18″ x 7″ (45.72 x 17.78 cm); suspended: 51″ x 12″ (129.5 x 30.5 cm)


Puppets and articulated figures were made for Winter ceremonial dramatizations of clan histories or secret societies of the Haida and other tribes along the Pacific Northwest coast.

The puppets/marionettes represented ancestors, supernatural beings, animated corpses or other beings. Many pieces displayed used slight of hand tricks, strings or mechanisms to impress the audience at the potlatch or great feasts.

This puppet is an ulala style puppet. There are a few in various museum collections. The Ulala were a Haida equivalent to the Hamatsa used down south by the Kwakwakwakw.