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Corey Bulpitt (Haida)

Red cedar, red cedar bark, leather, nails, cord, acrylic

18″ x 7″ puppet alone; 51″ x 12″ suspended


Depicting a detailed face and deeply set green eyes gently turned upwards, puppets and articulated figures use sleight-of-hand tricks, strings, or mechanisms to represent animated corpses, ancestors, and supernatural beings. Impressing the audience at a potlatch or great feast, the puppets are often used for Winter ceremonial dramatizations of clan histories or secret societies of the Haida and other tribes along the Northwest Coast.

Considered in relation to one another, Corey’s works featured in the exhibition are performative in nature, targeting the body both within the work and the viewer. Their activation through either mechanical function or physical interaction add a dimension to Corey’s work where transformation, performativity, and participation are part-and-parcel to their existence.