Procreation, 2007

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lessLIE (Salish)

Serigraph ed/100

21.5″ x 10.5″ (55 x 27cm)


“This contemporary Coast Salish painting, titled “Pro Creation,” through the act of creativity, is a celebration of the act of procreation. In the design, two salmon heads are depicted, the negative crecentric spaces simultaneously defining their mouths, as well as defining each other’s lower jaw. This simple visual punning represents interconnectedness through procreation. This simple visual punning also represents the offspring of the two salmon. In some of my philosophical musings, I have often wondered which act is greater, creation or procreation? I came to the conclusion that procreation is greater than creation, since creation, as in human culture, would not exist without procreation. I also felt that the lIFe of one human being is much greater than the body of work of any artist. Recently though, I have felt that creativity creates culture, and makes the procreation of many generations possible. So I now see both creation and procreation as being great. On a personal level, although I am not really “pro-choice” or “pro-life,” my mOTHER, when she was a sixteen year old girl and pregnant with me, was considering having an abortion. With love for her, I am glad that she gave birth to me. If she never procreated me, the creativity of my lIFe would not exist.”
– lessLIE