Protecting Posterity, 2005

Original size is 1070 × 1021 pixels

lessLIE (Salish)

Serigraph AP 2/15

19.5″ x 20.5″ (50 x 52cm)


“This contemporary Coast Salish design depicts two ravens protecting an egg. The egg in the centre of the design symbolizes posterity. Being able to perceive the subtle egg in the centre of this design depends on lighting and perspective. We will perceive posterity if we have a vision which is environmentally enlightened. We will achieve posterity if we have a vision with a planetary perspective. Fossil fuels forebode that dinosaurs didn’t become extinct by driving Thunderbirds off the circle of the earth. The Transformer warns the Western World that it has become a consumer culture of catastrophe. We need to protect sacred sOIL. We need to protect the PLANit. We need to protect posterity.” – lessLIE