Re-Emerging W(((h)))orl(((d))), 2013

Original size is 1021 × 1030 pixels

lessLIE (Salish)

Serigraph ed/100

22″ x 22″ (56 x 56cm)


“In the spirit of spindle whorls, this abstract Coast Salish design depicts the subtle silhouette of a spindle whorl re-emerging from the dominance of Northern and Wakashan art forms in the contemporary Northwest Art scene. Northern and Wakashan art forms are represented by the trigons and circles within the design, while Coast Salish art is represented by the black spindle whorl. Simultaneously, the negative spaces of the trigons and circles can be interpreted as the visually vague and ambiguous depictions of zoomorphic or anthropomorphic life forms. The title of the work is also a visual pun. One of the intentions of my art practice is to attempt to mediate between written words and visual images. Many contemporary art titles utilize parenthesis to create to puns within titles ( such as m(eat) ). I have also attempted to experiment with this. The title of the work is simultaneously “Re-Emerging Whorl” and “Re-Emerging World.” Yet my utilization of parenthesis in the title is intended to visually echo the crescents of Coast Salish design, and is an attempt to mediate between Coast Salish art and written words. Thank you to Claire Beauchamp for assisting me through Adobe Photoshop to pre-visualize and tweak the design.” – lessLIE