New Bloom I, II, and III, Dylan Thomas, Serigraphs ed/100, 18" x 45", SOLD

Original size is 2753 × 2753 pixels

New Bloom I, II, and III is a set of prints depicting three roses. The color and general form (A square inside of a circle) of the prints is the same, but like living roses, each one is unique. The style of these prints is an exploration of the design techniques I have developed over my career as an artist, but in a much more unrestricted way than my former designs. In New Bloom, I chose to allow my sense of design to flow in a liberated fashion and didn’t restrict myself to the usual conventions of Coast Salish art. This gave these prints a unique style and made them very distinct from my former work. But my history as a Coast Salish artist still gave these designs a Northwest Coast feel. I plan to explore this style further in the future and this is why I gave the prints the title New Bloom. Like flowers blooming in spring, I believe that this exploration will bring freshness to my artistic journey and hopefully it will continue to grow into something unique and beautiful. – Dylan Thomas