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Audie Murray (Métis)

Mirror, resin casting, various materials

35″ x 40″ (88.9 x 76.2 cm)


A meditative process of creation and self-reflection is captured in Sacred Selfie (2019). The mirror, a common trope in the European art historical lexicon, is met with an equally recognizable North American Indigenous symbol: the buffalo head. Cognizant of the overt signifiers behind both symbols, Murray forces the observer to recognize Indigenous existence and resistance in our continued colonial condition. Fixed upon the mirror, the 16 resin buffalo heads contain various gathered materials, from sweetgrass, leaves, and copper, to a string of beads, dirt, and dried herbs, interrupting and complicating the immediacy of vanitas and veritas offered by a clean reflection. Murray’s trained hands, in placing such materials inside the buffalo heads, protect and preserve the organic ephemera – a gesture that draws our attention to the fragility of a land left unprotected from the capitalist frenzy for resource extraction.