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Audie Murray (Métis)

Cotton, latex, acrylic, glass beads, porcupine quills, chain, brain-tanned deer hide

36″ H x 9″ W (including chain)


Audie’s work, composed of inanimate objects, ranging from gardening gloves to toilet paper rolls, are activated the moment her sewing needle and beads touch their surface. Through the artist’s intervention, these once functional items are transformed into beautifully ornate and decorative artworks with powerful messages. Ranging from their ready-made aesthetic to their anti-archival nature, her pieces are suffused with references to history, labour, and the body.

Murray’s Treaty 4 Gloves (2019), as the title suggests, refers to the era in which unfavorable land transfer negotiations took place, in particular that of Treaty Four in 1874. Moreover, the ornate seed-beaded gloves become a surrogate for the working hand. Sourced from her parent’s garage in Saskatchewan Canada, they provide a sense of intimacy from a familial place. When placed in Living Room, the carefully worked readymade object becomes the means through which notions of labour, land, indigeneity and domesticity are addressed.