Original size is 898 × 707 pixels

Maureen Gruben (Inuvialuk)

Epson Hot Press Bright, ed/7

26” x 33” (66 x 84 cm)

$1,600 unframed, $2,100 framed

Consisting of 111 ice holes connected with red broadcloth, Stitching My Landscape extends for nearly 1,000 feet. It was installed on an expanse of frozen ocean surrounding Ibyuq Pingo on April 23, 2017. A “pingo” is an ice-filled hill created by permafrost, and these landforms have functioned as navigational aids and hunting viewpoints for generations of Inuvialuit people. The artist’s solo, performative process of rolling the cloth across the ice from hole to hole was an act of endurance and careful devotion, as her body physically generated the familiar patterns of both raw stitching and the beautifully worked delta trim that adorns Inuvialuit drum dancing parkas.

– text from “The Generosity of Translucence” by Kyra Kordoski