Alano Edzerza (Tahltan)

From an early age, Alano Edzerza was an adept talent at sketching and sculpture, and an eventual district award in junior high for a clay sculpture gave him the confidence and inspiration to increase his artistic endeavors. At the age of 21, Alano entered the tutelage of family member and fellow artist Terrance Campbell, followed by pursuing the art of crafting jewelry in an Arizona institution under the instruction of the famed Rick Charlie. Alano’s masterful handwork didn’t stop there, however; he has since moved on to work in a variety of artistic mediums including pencil sketches, acrylic, glass works, grand-scale installations, wood panels and, recently, the design of performance sportswear. His brazen talents and tireless ambition has provided him the opportunity to work with such celebrated artists as Jay Simeon, Marcel Russ, Philip Grey and Corey Bulpitt, to name a few. Alano was also fortunate enough to be granted a three-year apprenticeship with Rick Adkins, a man often considered one of the top jewelry designers on the northwest coast.

Alano has so far been featured in 9 major shows, with his first solo show held in October 2007 at Seattle’s Stonington Gallery and featuring a collection of original pieces in glass, jewelry, stone and limited edition prints. 2008 saw another major milestone achieved with the celebrated grand opening of Edzerza Gallery with Black Ice, a study in gray scale art of the Northwest Coast. Alano followed up on its undeniable success with other shows and exhibitions, including The Gift of the Raven in the summer of 2009, which raised almost $3000 for the 2010 Vancouver foundation. The arrival of the Vancouver Winter Olympics that year opened even more doors of opportunity for the rising artist, resulting in the Vancouver Olympic Committee commissioning Alano to create a large scale glass installation at Rogers Arena, as well as theASICS and the Dutch Olympic Team contracting him to help design their uniforms for the games. Since then, Alano has been commissioned into a variety of new projects, working with clients such as law firms and development projects on traditional native grounds.