Ben Davidson

1976 – Present

Ben Davidson (b. 1976), whose Haida name is tlajang nang kingaas (“the one who is known far away”), was born to a long lineage of highly respected Haida artists, and is the son of internationally renowned artist Robert Davidson. Growing up, Davidson was immersed in Haida art and culture. He began carving at the age of sixteen, eventually completing a four year apprenticeship with his father in 1998. In addition to working with his father, Davidson also learned from his uncle, Reg Davidson.

Davidson specializes in three-dimensional wood sculpture, but also works in a variety of media and scales which include delicately carved jewelry, cedar masks and panels, paper and forton casts, and monumental totem poles.

Davidson is deeply committed to the revival of Haida art and culture. He mentors younger students and is heavily involved with the traditional Haida dance group The Rainbow Creek Dancers. He recently opened his own gallery on Haida Gwaii called All About U Arts.