Megaphones For Listening and Speaking to Grandmothers (from Hands Across the Sky performance, 2016)

Original size is 667 × 977 pixels

Charlene Vickers (Anishnabe)

Cardboard, embroidery thread, acrylic

variable dimensions

$500 each, $1,800 for group of 4

‘The megaphones are tools of amplification, rhythmn, and sight used in a performance at VIVO on November 24th 2016. Me and performance collaborator Cathy Busby used the megaphones to look back at the lookers, yell out to the world, keep time with pow wow beats, and listening to grandmothers. As conceptual art and performance objects they were originally created and developed collaboratively with Maria Hupfield in Brooklyn, NY in June 2014. Inspired by Rebecca Belmore’s “Ayum-ee-aawach-Oomama-mowan: Speaking to Their Mother”‘ – Charlene Vickers