Harpoon, 2015, Couzyn van Heuvelen (Inuk), Bronze infused stainless steel, leather, wood, steel, 6" x 1.5" x 60", $2,000

Original size is 667 × 1000 pixels

This work began with a scan of a polar bear skull I took while in Iqaluit. A harpoon tip has been added in 3D modelling software, then sent away to be 3D printed. Having made various iterations of this skull in the studio, I began to imagine what kind of use value a polar bear skull might have. It has a form that when scaled down, resembled a harpoon tip I have in my studio. I began to imagine that a harpoon, used to catch seals, would benefit from having an association with a polar bear, an excellent hunter. The harpoon tip is presented on a plinth closely resembling a harpoon standing on end. The harpoon seems to stand upright on it’s own, carefully balanced. This presentation is also meant to resemble a harpoon, stood upright in the snow. Lying tools on the snow means they can be quickly lost, so standing them upright is a means to care for them, making sure they remain visible.