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Maureen Gruben (Inuvialuk)

White rabbit, blue fox, polar bear fur, birchwood, copper

48″ x 21″ x 19″ (122 x 53 x 48cm)


At 69°25’43.0 North and 32°15’49.4° West, the midsummer tundra is covered with arctic cotton grass. Low foliage spreads out for miles, thick with brilliant white puffs vibrating in the wind. Traditionally, local Inuvialuit communities collected the cotton to use as wicks for their qulliqs. In 69°25’43.0″N 132°15’49.4″W (2017), Gruben has recreated cotton grass tufts using found and reused fur from blue fox, white rabbit and polar bear, a conflation of flora and fauna that evokes the intraspecies networks in the region.

– text from “The Generosity of Translucence” by Kyra Kordoski