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Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw)

Acrylic on canvas on board

8′ x 6′


“Idle No More is about four friends coming together to address the issues of our Kwakwaka’wakw land and resources. We are surrounded by elected chiefs who have put themselves in positions when there hasn’t been an election in over 25 years. These chiefs are taking for their own personal financial gain and seem to give nothing back to the people. The fear right now is that we might lose our aboriginal title and say over these traditional territories. Our Government is actively supporting these Elected chiefs, as well, which is making our roles as hereditary chiefs even harder. So this painting is about protecting the land that we are on as well as its resources. We are standing in front of Parliament with the symbols in hand of what we are faced with: the hour glass of time, the scale of balance, the book of justice and the constitution, and the sacred cedar bark ring of unity. On his knees is Harper, the faceless man… could be anyone who plays this role, really. I think it can translate into these corrupted chiefs, actually. He’s on his knees pleading mercy for all the wrongs while the team of justice stands trying to decide what to do with this guy.” – Rande Cook