Robin Lovelace

1970 – Present

Robin Lovelace (b. 1970) is a Tlingit sculptor born in Alaska. As an artist she sees and hears clues in the works and oral tradition of her Tlingit/Tagish forebearers. Lovelace writes: “[I] believe our ancestors left directions and hints in their stories and artwork as avenues to understand ourselves and our roles in today’s world.” While Lovelace honors tradition, she feels that it is vitally important for Northwest Coast art to be viewed as ever-progressing. The artist writes: “[M]y artwork is a vital part of my own self-determination and I create objects of power and wealth to help foster my people’s cultural pride. It is my goal and desire to pass down my knowledge and skills to future generations.”

Lovelace works in various media, including hardwoods, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and stone. Lovelace was born in Sitka and resides in Anchorage with her husband and three children.