Trace Yeomans (Haida)

Nest Process


Trace Yeomans was born on Haida Gwaii to a Haida mother and a Ukrainian father. She has been an artist for most of her life, prompting her to pursue this passion throughout high school, and to acquire post-secondary training. Her passion has always been painting but she is also known for her beautiful Dance Regalia with appliqued Haida designs and fabric art techniques, some of which are displayed in museums around the world.


Trace has frequently worked with her husband, Don Yeomans, combining their respective skills to create unique and critically acclaimed artwork, examples of which can be seen in her fabric art and paintings. She has also worked along side him painting and carving on several totem pole commissions, including the monumental poles in the rotunda of the Vancouver International Airport. Trace has explored many mediums during her art career but always circles back to her first love – oil painting.


  • 2014
    Art Toronto | International Art Fair, Toronto ON
    – Raven’s View, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
    – White Before Labour Day, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • 2013
    – Story, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • 2012
    – Modern Family, Douglas Reynolds Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • 2008
    – Permanent installation of 6-foot depiction of Don Yeomans’ Moon Mask, Vancouver International Airport
    – Assisted Don Yeomans with monumental poles for Vancouver International Airport
  • 1992
    -Button Blankets and Dance Regalia featured in Gallery Astley, Seattle WA

Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Osaka Museum, Osaka, Japan
Vancouver International Airport, BC

“Uncommon Legacies” by John Grimes features a button blanket presently displayed at the Peabody Museum.