Corey Bulpitt: Supernova: Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Corey Bulpitt: Supernova

July 9 - sept 17, 2020

Fazakas Gallery, 688 e Hastings ST, Vancouver, BC


Fazakas Gallery is honoured to present Supernova, an online solo exhibition of new works by Corey Bulpitt. The exhibition was organized to coincide with the release of issue 3.40 of The Capilano Review, which features a special portfolio celebrating Kwakwaka'wakw artist and activist Chief Beau Dick. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to proceed with the initially planned joint exhibition and release party, but we are delighted to be able to share the exhibition online now.

Following social distancing guidelines together with Corey Bulpitt, we will host the opening live on Fazakas Gallery's Instagram (@fazakasgallery) on Thursday, July 9th at 7:00 pm PST.


As a star in the galaxy reaches the end of its life, it erupts and expels stellar materials into space forming a luminous shockwave that is known as a supernova. From this celestial phenomenon, new stars are born. 

Borrowing its title from this cosmic event, Supernova features new and impactful works from multi-disciplinary Haida artist Corey Bulpitt. From large-scale sculptures referencing iconic pop art to paintings harnessing the political power of graffiti and murals, Corey's work represents the continuity of culture; the embrace and navigation of traditional stories and techniques in Northwest Coast art as situated in contemporary urban contexts.

Presented alongside these are Corey's personal collection of works by his mentor and friend, the late Kwakwaka'wakw carver Chief Beau Dick (1955-2017) -- the star whose bright burst of creative energy, affected generations of young artists. The inclusion of several Beau Dick pieces in Supernova acts as an homage to Beau's creative legacy on the Northwest Coast, and his continuous presence in the hearts and minds of his friends and the artistic community alike. As evidenced through his own practice, with his animated and striking sense of the here-and-now, Corey Bulpitt's work carries that same lasting luminosity for carvers and artists to come.