Carlos Colín: Panoply of Possibilities: Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Carlos Colín: Panoply of Possibilities


Nov 8 - Dec 22, 2018

Tanúyap Project Space, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC


Fazakas Gallery is pleased to present Panoply of Possibilities, a new body of work by Mexican artist, Carlos Colín. The term panoply is used to describe a splendid and impressive collection of things that is, or aims to be, complete. In this series, Colín uses Baroque concepts like metonymy, ellipsis, and hyperbole to explore how the meaning and reception of words and artefacts can be altered. By performatively "indigenizing" objects, Colín calls into question the representation, meaning and value of Indigenous objects in the context of anthropological collections.

The works in Panoply of Possibilities are made from found tools, intended for specific uses, which the artist transforms into artworks and weapons simultaneously. A pool cue is sharpened, wrapped and decorated with feathers, transforming it into a spear. Colín's choice of objects to transform, mainly sports equipment, is suggestive of the pageantry and ritual aspects of sports events and reveals the close relationship of games to hunting techniques. Displayed on the wall like a museological artefact, the object is neither useful as a spear, nor a pool cue, and instead becomes an object of intellectual speculation.