Corey Bulpitt: Raven Street: Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC

Corey Bulpitt: Raven Street

June 17 - SEPT 17, 2023



Raven steals a piece of light, the painter steals a piece of the street.


In the beginning, the world was immersed in eternal night. Raven, known for his cunning and mischief, hatched a plan to steal the Chief of the Sky's box of light. Through his playful antics, day was born and the night sky was speckled with the moon and stars, creating a world that was forever changed. Mirroring the mischief of Raven, Corey Bulpitt takes us on an adventurous journey with this body of graffiti-based works asserting Indigenous storytelling in contemporary urban spaces. He metaphorically transforms the canvas into reclaimed street spaces, infused with vibrant life and colour in our urban jungle.


Inspired by Raven's audaciousness, Bulpitt challenges societal norms and redefines urban spaces. Bulpitt's graffiti works embody the rebellious spirit of the Raven and boldly integrate traditional Haida motifs within the contemporary landscape, calling attention to the unceded nature of colonial public spaces. As an active and influential participant in the local mural and graffiti scene, Bulpitt's invaluable contributions shape the narrative of reclaiming and revitalizing the streets.


Raven Street is the street of decoloniality. Transforming the gallery walls into the unceded lands by the hands of the artist. The exhibition challenges conventional gallery settings and reimagines the "white cube" as a street that welcomes community stories, diverse and nonconforming spirits, chaos, joy, and disruption. Here you can experience the transformative power that emerges when the mythological legacy of the Raven merges with the rebellious spirit of graffiti artists. 


Corey Bulpitt will also perform a live graffiti show on June 17th as part of the events for the Strathcona Blocks Party. 


Strathcona Blocks Party and Live Graffiti Performance

Sat, June 17 at 1PM

840 E Hastings Street


Corey Bulpitt: Raven Street Exhibition Opening

Sat, June 17, 2-4PM

659 E Hastings Street