Cole Speck: Solo Exhibition

Please join us on Saturday, February 11 for the opening of Cole Speck's solo exhibition. 


Cole Speck has a tremendous love and respect for his culture. He aspires to keep old traditions alive by allowing his contemporary experience to be seen through the lens of timeless knowledge passed down from his ancestors. It is the living culture that most informs his choices. While Speck's artistic practice encompasses a wide range of materials and sculptural creations, his first love is the satisfaction of bringing forth a new being into the world in the form of a mask. This is not surprising as his most formative years were spent in the carving studio of virtuoso Beau Dick. After more than a decade learning from Dick, Speck has been gifted with knowledge and skills with which he can express his own artistic voice and pass down to the next generation of carvers. 


Saturday, Feb. 11

2 - 4 PM

Fazakas Gallery

659 East Hastings Street